The Multiverse of Punch Time Exploders is a part of the extensive Multiversal Seas of everything the Outer Gods had introduced into it. Also referred to as Multiverse X-PTE, this multiverse was believed to be defiant to the Outer Gods' grand design, and/or it just didn't turned out the way they figured, thus it was left to be monitored by the Preservers because they were too curious to just automatically let the Verse Scrappers get rid of it too soon. Though due to the Preservers' heavy non-interventionalist preferences, it ended up being that the inrealm gods run everything, with extremely mixed results.

Central RimsEdit


Copy United UniversesEdit

These Copy universes are sub-realms of the Prime United Universes. These such things include but are not limited to:


  • United Universe-F4T: You can guess what THEY'RE famous for.
  • United Universe-KR1ST1N4
  • Universe United, Inc.: PTE-X's answer to SAF-S' United Universe Incverse

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Standalone DimensionsEdit

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Other United UniversesEdit

Inner RimsEdit

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Outer RimsEdit

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Outer RealmsEdit

  • The Timescape: A realm where it is possible to access the Alternate Timelines, as well as travel through time. It includes "landmarks" such as Time Lord Temples, Astral Canyons, the literal manifestation of the expression "Mark on History", Time Voids and various forms of Limbo. One of these Time Voids serves as the headquarters for the Horrible Alternate Timeline Exterminators.

Neighboring MultiversesEdit

  • Multiverse SAF-S: The Multiverse the Outer Gods had introduced come X-PTE's handover to the Preservers that managed to be more well in tune to their desires.
  • Multiverse TDRR: A multiverse where the reality series Total Drama has inter-universal coverage. This multiverse is the home of a different version of The Total Drama Warriors.
  • Multiverse MDG-ED: A multiverse that resulted in the coalition of the United Universes of Animation, Live-Action, and Video Games.
  • Multiverse KFT: A multiverse where worlds are kept inside different dimensions and when they return to the normal timeline, they merge with Dimension 3, where the heroes live.
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