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(Disclaimer: Though this series contains multiple kid friendly characters, some content featured on this wiki also contains jokes and philosophical discussions that may be more adult then what these characters had traditionally touched on, if at all. Among this is adult language, intense moments, mature jokes, and lots of other things that may not be for kids. Reader discretion is advised.)

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Welcome to the Punch Time Exploders Wiki! Imagine for a moment what would happen if all of your favorite Cartoon Network characters came together, traveled to other universes beyond our own, befriend other heroes, and maybe a few villains who had a change of heart, and battle the forces of evil. In short, you have the Punch Time Exploders!

Have fun, see the sights, really enjoy and get to know the charatcers, and check for any new updates, character wikis, moisodes (cross between of a movie, and an episode as a series), and if you like, work on the articles a little, to correct spelling, add special info, and add an image you think would look good, as long as it is related top the subject at hand. (please refer to the rules and guidelines to avoid getting in trouble.)

Required Character PagesEdit



Other CharactersEdit

Gravity FallsEdit

  • Suggesica
  • Dr. Karate
  • Czar-barian


  • Cat (AKA the Incidental Danny Phantom Background Character)

Original CharactersEdit


  • Pred Judas (PTE version of Pred Judu Des)
  • McTrot (Equestria version of Jock)
  • Rusty Shoes (Equestria Version of Trusty)

Steven Universe OCsEdit

Star vs. the Forces of Evil OCsEdit

Gravity Falls OCsEdit

  • Marcus Raspberry
  • Wallace Eldington
  • Albert Poppycock
  • (Last name Pufong)
  • (Last name Seoul)
  • (Last name Kimchi)
  • Romance Academy Love Interests (troo lawrve aworts)
  • Mabel's Dream Boys
    • Radley and Stuper
    • Brody and Swade
    • Swag and Buster
  • Waddle's Family
    • Twenty-Poundy
    • Twelve-Poundy
    • Thirty-Poundy
  • Gravity Falls Indie Bubblegum Pop Sensation Duo Divida

Miscellaneous OCsEdit

  • Sally Simon (A former Godchild of Jorgen von Strangle who is embittered by the fact that her life was somehow made even more miserable presumably because of the existence of fairies.)

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Punch Time ExplodersEdit

SpongeBob and Friends (X-OvrLuvr Version)Edit

Marvel ArcEdit

  • Episode 1: Iron Man

(More episodes to come)


This subsection is for Chronicles Episodes only. For the most part, the Moisodes list is covered, but if anyone has other ideas, feel free to talk to me on my Talk Page.

Original ChroniclesEdit

This enlists all the future Chronicles that have an original storyline.

  • Motor Madness (After the events of the first half of the first season, the United Universal Police Department has discovered that Bernadette has been operating various vehicles without a driver's license, as her Greylands-issue learner's permit had expired. Unfortunately, the United Universal Department of Motor Vehicles, or U.U.D.M.V. for short, only has a month left to teach classes. If she doesn't not pass a test within that time, she will either be given a chance to take a whole year of driving classes, or two whole years of prison at Incarcecon 2.0.)
  • ??? (After the events of an episode, Bernadette is horrified to learn that her old biology teacher Professor Flora Pollux has turned to a life of crime, plotting to getting revenge on the High Council as a result of dedicating her life to a new science; Sporology.) (Possible)
  • Unnamed Enjovia Introduction Episode: Lord Rottenday seeks legal justice against the entire planet of Enjovia when none of the rides can support the weight of his main wife Callie and her little sister Little Lucy.
  • Punch Time Exploders V. SpongeBob and Friends (A crossover event that involves Lords Rottenday and Cobra travel to each other's worlds to see who can conquer it faster, while also dealing with their respective enemies. Currently on hold until the Punch Time Exploders series reaches a certain point, but in danger of cancellation due to real-world events causing Scroopfan stress.)
    • Punch Time Exploders Yellow: Cobra's Bite
    • SpongeBob and Friends Grey: The Lodgers' Rotten Day
  • The TRUE Story of Void the Living Planet (Questionable)
  • Rapture of the Riptos (The Riptos clan has finally obtained assistance and managed to kidnap the entire High Council. Now that they are planning to destroy Void with technology from Lord Dominator's clan, the Punch Time Exploders and the Three Lords Alliance will have to work together to stop the ensuing apocalypse.) (Questionable)
  • Trixie Tang Tales (The untold adventures of Trixie Tang)
  • The Hardship of Peridot (Peridot is devastated upon finding out that Pumpkin has died during a visit to Beach City.)
  • How THEY Stole IT (The heroes of the United Universes run into a problem with a clan of Grinches, and only a few days before Christmas. despite the precautions taken, the Grinch clan remain determined to stop Christmas from coming... the rest you can figure out.)
  • If They Were Dating... (Valentine's Day special. Potential chapters are below)
    • Rotten Yet Brief Days in the Land of Ooo: Princess Bubblegum and Rottenday talk to their respective teams about how they used to date.
  • REALLY Breakin' Da Rules (Plot to be determined)

AUU EpisodesEdit

This enlists the future episodes that take place in the Alternate United Universes.

MLP: FiM ChroniclesEdit

This enlists any future MLP-related Chronicles. Unlike SAF, where Scroopfan decided to create a divergent timeline, these chronicles will play things straight for the series.

  • Apple Season! Judas Season! (Post-Applebuck Season Episode. After Applejack was given an earful from the infamous Pred Judas, Applejack is considering giving up the farm life, and now her friends have to convince her otherwise. PTE-related subplot optional)
  • ??? (Post-Dragonshy Episode)
  • ??? (Post-Sonic Rainboom Episode)
  • Villain's Night in Equestria (Post-Luna Eclisped Episode. Jafar has cooked up an evil plan to take over Equestria on the Halloween-like holiday Nightmare Night, and just before the sun could rise, their time to strike has come. The villain have kidnapped Celestia, knowing that Luna could never raise the sun to begin the day and leaving Equestria to fall into eternal night. Until the proper team arrives, the mane 6 have to come up with a plan to round up all of Equestria and try to stop the villains, and maybe Luna from turning back to Nightmare Moon.)
  • Magic University and The Spell Games (Post-Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Episode and Scroopfan redux of Magic University. After finally getting some cider after so many years, Rainbow treats her friends by taking them on a trip to a mysterious cider bar for mythical creatures hidden away from prejudice, where Twilight unexpectedly runs into some of her old college friends. Twilight tells the story of her experiences at her college Magic University, specifically her involvement in their sporting event, The Spell Games. Complete, but currently in need of placement.)
    • Christmas vs Hearth's Warming (Midquel to Magic University and the Spell Games and Scroopfan redux of Twilight, Spike, Taiku and Alice Save the Guardians. Madame Sphynx sends Twilight to the Frozen North of another world as a test in order to prove she is worthy to compete in the Spell Games after the following New Year celebration. In a side-plot, Valerie Farmer is upset because ponies are more interested in celebrating Hearth's Warming than Christmas.)
    • Unnamed Magic University Sequel (An original episode and potential sequel to Magic University and the Spell Games. This was planned because Scott Xeno was made to assumingly replace Maestro Falltalon as the secondary villain of the original.)
  • Biggest, Widest, Tallest Tales (A Scroopfan redux of The Tallest Tall Tales EVAH)
    • The Return of Big Ball: Mung Daal is happy for the return of Field-Tournament-Style-Up-and-Down-On-The-Ground-Manja-Flanja-Blanja-Banja-Ishka-Bibble-Babble-Flabble-Doma-Roma-Floma-Boma-Jingle-Jangle-Every-Angle-Bricka-Bracka-Flacka-Stacka-Two-Ton-Rerun-Free-for-All-Big-Ball, but is upset that the sport has changed since Truffles had destroyed it. So he must take it upon himself to "save" the sport. (Adventure)
    • Dee Dee Locks and the Secret of the Pure Heart: A continuation of "Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster". (Fictional)
    • Baby Jail Cakes (Unnamed in the episode): A story made up by an impatient Lord Dominator to scare the babies into falling asleep. (Adventure/Fictional)
  • ??? (Post-The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone Episode; Contains the Ichy-Gilda relationship plot of The Land Unknown)
  • Cutie Mark of Horrors (Post-Crusaders of the Lost Mark Episode and slight Scroopfan redux of Imaginary Troubles)
  • ??? (Post-The Washouts Episode. After explaining what happened with Lightning Dust and the Washouts, Twilight takes Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo to a show featuring a revived air show that predated the Wonderbolts, known as "The Magnificent Mares".)
  • Draconequus Park- (Scroopfan redux of Draconequui Wonderland)
  • Too Much Gourmand, Not Enough Zesty: (Scroopfan redux of Too Zesty for My Tastes)

Scroopfan ReduxEdit

This list is for future Chronicles episodes that are basically remakes of Scroopfan's Chronicles Episodes, used with his permission, of course. (On hold due to real-life events causing Scroopfan stress.)

Gravity Falls ChroniclesEdit

This enlists any future Gravity Falls-related Chronicles.

  • The True Story of the Gobblewonker (Plot pending...)
  • Women Can Be Manly Too (Plot pending...)
  • ??? (Plot: Mabel attends the unexpected funeral of President Quentin Trembley, and subsequently inherits the town of Gravity Falls.)
  • Fight Fighters 2 (Plot pending...)
  • The Summerween that Wouldn't End (Plot pending...)
  • The Shallow End (Plot pending...)
  • Girlz Cray-zee (Plot pending...)
  • Jurassic Falls (Plot pending...)
  • Back to the Bunker (Plot pending...)
  • Dipper and The Six Real Girls (Plot: Dipper and Soos know that .GIFfany is the main character of Romance Academy 7... but whatever happened to the OTHER 6?)
  • Return of the Blind Eye (Plot pending...)

Pokémon Chronicles (Moisodes)Edit

Pokémon Chronicles Theme Song

Pokémon Chronicles Theme Song

Yeah, you knew this was coming!

Pokémon Narrator: Old friends, new adventures! Our two favorite Trainers join Ash and the gang for new stories in the world of Pokémon!

  • The Platinum Dominator (Cyrus has survived the dimension he created being destroyed by Dialga and Palkia. He has also broken the rest of Team Galactic out of jail, and revived his plan to create a new world. Only this time, a mysterious force has foreseen this and calls upon Giratina to deal with him before his plans can succeed.)
  • Pokémon: Shadow Revolution (Takes place between Diamond and Pearl and Black and White. Ash and his current friends are invited to Pokétopia for a huge tournament, and a little vacation.)
  • Pokémon Ferrum Saga (A mini-series taking place between X and Y and Sun and Moon)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil ChroniclesEdit

  • The Miserable Maiden of Mewni: The First Chapters (Chronicles Prequel for Punch Time Exploders: The Battle for Mewni. A recap of SvtFoE Seasons 1 and 2 and chronicling the misadventures of Guinevere Flowerblossom as she sees the aforementioned episodes through her eyes and her attempts to restore her friendship with Star Butterfly.)


It is up for debate whether these episodes belong in the Punch Time Exploders series or the SpongeBob and Friends (X-OvrLuvr Version) adventures series.

  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Grinch (2018 film)
  • Sextuple Digi-Feature (Based on Digimon Adventure Tri.)
    • Reunion
    • Determination
    • Confession
    • Loss
    • Coexistence
    • Future
  • Hoodwinked
  • Hocus Pocus (Halloween Special)
  • Song of the South (Black History Month Special)
  • Green Eggs and Ham (Netflix series) (Might as well be a mini-series)
    • The Second Serving
  • Ratchet and Clank


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